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How To Get Your Ex To Miss You

Greyerbaby / Pixabay  by 
Greyerbaby / Pixabay  by 
Greyerbaby / Pixabay  by 
Greyerbaby / Pixabay  by 
Greyerbaby / Pixabay  by 

You can make your ex girlfriend miss you if you follow specific techniques that are proven to work. This article is going to teach you what these are.

Your head will probably be all over the place after your break up, especially if it happened recently. It can take a long time to get over the person that you love, but what if you do not want to? What if you know that she is the one for you and you want to get her back? There are certain things that you can do to make your ex girlfriend miss you and desire you again, you just have to recognize what they are and implement them.

How to get her to miss you

The first step to getting your ex girlfriend back revolves around getting her to miss you. If she doesn’t miss you in her life then she will never want you back, so this is one of the things that you have to get right. Take some time to think about what is making you miss your ex girlfriend first, that is a big clue to what you should be doing to make her feel the same way about you. You probably miss her because she isn’t around anymore. Maybe you have not given her the chance to miss you yet, therefore you have to take yourself away from her.

The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you have no form of contact with her for at least 3-4 weeks after the break up. This probably seems like a very long time to you. Of course it is and no one says that it is going to be easy. However, you do need to exercise some self control here and restrain yourself. If you are texting her, trying to bump into her and attempting to get her attention, it will all backfire on you in a big way.

The thing about contact after a break up is that it will be turned into a big deal by your ex girlfriend, even the most innocent of texts will make you look like a stalker. This can end up making her feel uneasy and wary of you. It will also make you look weak and needy and this is the last thing that you want. Think about things logically, if you want her to miss you, this is not going to happen if you are still trying to be in her life, in any form.

Updating your social network accounts – bad idea 

What you have to do instead is to close down your Facebook account so that it will stop you from checking her profile and updating yours. She will be checking yours, probably most days. It is natural for her to be curious about how you are dealing with the break up and what you are doing. You do not want to give her any clue about what you are doing though, not in the immediate aftermath of your break up. Let her pine for you and ruminate about your whereabouts.

Another good thing about staying away from your Facebook account is that it creates a mystery around you and this is highly attractive. You want her to see you like she did at the start of your relationship, when she didn’t know very much about you. This is where the excitement lies. If you are predictable and updating your wall every day she will not be interested in you. It will also make you look a bit desperate and that you have nothing better to do than sit in and browse Facebook all day.

Text Your Ex Back

Text Your Ex Back


Look out for signs

The interesting thing to look out for is signs that she misses you then. When you have done all the things in this article you will start to notice a change in her behavior towards you and a need to communicate with you. Look out for seemingly innocent texts from her, then you will know that she misses you and wants to strike up a friendship or get back together.

Girls will be very subtle in the signs that they give you. Some girls will not want you to know that they are finding it tough after a break up and will put on a brave facade to not let you know how much they are hurting. She will not just come out and say that she misses you in the early stages, but there are very clear signs that she is pining for you and you must pay attention to them. You can also speed up the process yourself by following some expert advice on how to make her miss you.

You Next Step

When you get to this stage you will need to learn other clever tactics that will make her regain her attraction for you. There are loads of subtle things that you can do to stoke her desire for you and make her do all the work to get you back instead of the other way round. You are just at the start here, so get this step right and you will be well on your way to getting your girlfriend back.

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